What is crowdfunding?

RSC have created  a “crowdfunding watches” platform called: “RCS PARTNERS”.

The concept is that we do crowd funding together.
We prepare the crowd funding campaign on our platform and you must do the promotion to your fans.

The big advantage is that you don’t have to invest in money only in work.
We set up a goal and worse case scenario it’s not a success you can cancel the project.

The concept:

1)  we design a watch especially for your project  based on your input and make a 3-D simulation

2) we create your project on our RSC Partners „crowd funding” platform.

3)  You promote the project to your fans with the 3D simulation in your own network: facebook, instagram, emails, …
+ publicity on events, air shows, …
Important: you need a good network (like facebook) for promoting your watch project

4)  „fans” can pre-order the watch, they can pay online with Paypal or credit card (master, visa, amex).

5) for your project we have to set a target amount & period: for example 13.000 pound in 2 months
how do we set a target amount and a period?
we foresee a minimum quantity of 50 watches
so you need a certain start capital to finance this first production

– 4 months later they receive their watch.

– we take care of the after service and shipping (included in the retail price)

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