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Support this unique project by pre-ordering a Night Fright C-47 RSC watch with an ORIGINAL PART of the C-47 integrated in the watch back.

Welcome to the restoration of C-47 Skytrain 42-100521 formerly of the 79th Troop Carrier Squadron, 436th Troop Carrier Group that flew with the USAAF from Membury airfield (Station 466) during WW2. The aircraft christened “Night Fright” took part in all the Airborne missions in Europe during the war, dropping paratroopers, towing gliders, evacuating wounded and flying tons of much needed supplies to the front line.
Once completed, the aircraft will be a flying memorial to those men and women who served as part of Troop Carrier Command.
Only 436 of these unique timepieces will ever be built, and most proceeds from the sales will go directly to the Night Fright C-47 restoration group in order to facilitate the rebuild of this aircraft. By purchasing one, you will be directly contributing to the rebuild effort, and can wear your watch with pride for many years to come.


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Credits: Painting Rick Blyseth


This C-47 started life in October 1943 in California as a C-47A-65-DL, “DL” signifying that she was built at the Douglas Long Beach plant. After acceptance by the USAAF with serial number 42-100521 she was ferried east to prepare for overseas assignment. Once this was completed the aircraft was assigned to the 436th Troop Carrier Group’s (TCG) 79th Troop Carrier Squadron (TCS) with a crew consisting of; Lt. William K. Watson, pilot, who flew her throughout his time in the European Theatre of Operations, with Lt. Frank P. Bibas temporarily acting as Co-pilot and Lt. Arthur E. Thornton as Navigator.
The 436th was assigned to fly two serials into Normandy on D-Day. Serial #9 consisting of the 79th and 82nd TCS would carry 1st Battalion 502nd PIR whilst the 80th and 81st TCS would fly Serial #10 carrying the 377th PFAB and the 326th AB Med Co. Due to the heavy loads required to be carried for the 377th PFAB which included their field guns and ammunition, the 85th TCS from the 437th TCG over at Ramsbury airfield was sent on detached service to the 436th and assigned as a third squadron in Serial #10. On the planned departure day of the 4th of June, the weather forced a 24 hour delay, meaning that Operation Neptune finally went ahead on the 5th. Para-packs were assembled ready to load on to the six racks beneath each aircraft. The packs contained parts of the broken-down field guns, ammunition, explosives, firearms and other equipment. Other packs including the howitzer wheels were loaded into the aircraft ready for the troopers to push out when the green light was turned on over the DZ.
The whole story you can read on the website:



Behind mineral glass we will integrate an original piece of the C-47 wing in the back of watch. The original logo and serial number will be engraved in the part.




The black dial of this unique watch is inspired by the original graphics of the airplane.

The hands and white dots are luminous and readable in the dark.









The original air speed meter was used to design the left side minute chronometer.









The C-47 compass instrument was used to design the right side second chronometer.



The watch will be delivered in this luxurious black watch box.

NIGHT FRIGHT C-47  Chronograph Watch

Case diameter: 45 mm
Movement: Swiss Ronda Movement Chronograph
Crystal: Sapphire AR (anti-reflection)
Strap: black leather (±4mm thick) or stainless steel
Hands: luminous hands
Case thickness: 14 mm
Total watch + strap lenght: 27 cm (10,54 inches)
Strap width: 22 mm
Buckle: XL stainless steel
Case: stainless steel 316L
Back plate: screw down – stainless steel
Back plate: with an original part of the airplane wing integrated
Back plate: numbered
Water resistance: 5 ATM (not for swimming or diving)
Date: date indication
Watch weight: ±100 g
Watchbox: luxury ’leather’ box
Documentation: extra booklet with info about the airplane project
Designer: Ronald Steffen
Warranty: 2 years (+1 year extra after free registration RSC Aviators Club)


You get a 2 years INTERNATIONAL Warranty: it does mean even if you have a small problem with your watch, we will quickly be able to find a solution for you. We have experience in after-sales service so we can deal with any situations. Moreover, even after these 2 years, it will be very easy to maintain your RSC watch as the Swiss movement is a well-known calibre in the Watch industry.



Shipping cost worldwide £10 (or ±€11 or ±$13)

The estimated delivery time of the product depends on your country.

Please be aware that international customers are still responsible for duties charged by their respective countries.

For US backers: no import taxes for watches under $800 value.


In 2012 Tom Woodhouse who at the time worked for Personal Plane Services under the guidance of Tony Bianchi, was put in contact with the owners of the Membury Estate in Berkshire, the Walker Family, who were looking for a C-47 aircraft that had flown from Membury airfield in World War 2. Originally Tom’s brief was to find a suitable aircraft for static display but Charlie Walker being a commercial pilot and with a keen sense of history showed enthusiasm when told of the possibility of finding an airworthy machine.
After narrowing down the likely candidates, Tom discovered the E-Bay auction for C-47 N308SF and traced the flights she had made in the last few years. With that information Tom found out that the current owners were Universal Asset Management. N308SF had flown from a small number of airfields that Universal Asset Management operated from and after searching those airfields on Google Earth, the shape of a C-47 revealed itself on the apron at Walnut Ridge, Arkansas. This was the very same airfield that she had flown to at the end of hostilities on October the 30th 1945 when transferred to the Reconstruction Finance Company by the US Air Force. N308SF had gone full circle, had 52,000 hours on the clock to prove it and was potentially facing being scrapped again!
In December 2012 after having its wartime history confirmed with help from local historian Roger Day (Author of Membury at War), it was clear that this C-47 was 42-100521 and had flown from Membury Airfield. The aircraft was purchased by Philip & Charlie Walker and was flown from Walnut Ridge, to Punta Gorda Florida where the wings were removed to allow for road transport to Shell Creek, Florida for refurbishment to commence. Even though she was converted to cargo configuration and the interior bulkheads were removed, most likely while in service with the French Aeronavale, the aircraft still retains a number of rare features including all of the exterior formation-flying lights and many patch-repairs due to battle damage received during her service in the Army Air Force.
In 2016 Clive Edwards and Gordon Gray prepared the aircraft, still in an unfinished state, for containerisation and shipping to the UK, this was completed in March 2016 and Night Fright is now back in England with the restoration team led by Ben Cox at Coventry to return the aircraft to the sky and become a flying memorial to the men of the 436th Troop Carrier Group who fought and died for the liberation of Europe.
Eventually part of the original runway at Membury will be restored to allow her to operate from her original WWII airfield, the only C-47 in the World to do so. There are also exciting plans to build a museum on the Membury airfield site which will not only tell the story about Night Fright but also the history surrounding Membury and the wartime role of the area.

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