Start a watch campaign

1. How can RSC help your cause?

Offering an incentive for supporting your cause simply works. In addition, no initial investment is needed to set up your campaign.
Choose your own funding goal and set 30 days to reach it. You’re only committed once that threshold has been reached, so no risk or stress.


2. What are the criteria for entering into an RSC partnership?

  • You’re a non-profit organization
  • You have at least 10.000 followers on Facebook/Instagram
  • You have an interesting email database of fans


3. What’s the procedure?

  • We provide an initial watch design, which we fine-tune with your help
  • We publish your presentation on our RSC Partners website
  • The campaign starts and backers may purchase the watch

Need more info? Fill in a contact form on this website

or mail us:


4. What does RSC expect from you?

  • Once we’ve prepared your campaign, please provide us your feedback.
  • Once your presentation goes online, start promoting your campaign using social media, press contacts and emails.
  • We provide you with a 3D rendering of your watch and all particulars about your campaign.


5. What will be your investment?

Only your time and your network.


6. What happens when your campaign reaches its goal and gets funded?

  • We start the production. This takes approximately 16 weeks.
  • At that point the watches are ready and will be shipped to your backers.
  • Shipping can take a few weeks.


7. What does my cause receive per ordered watch?

  • Profits are divided between you and RSC. Please contact us about the financials:


8. Who owns the copyright of the designs?

  • RSC remains the owner of the copyright, but we will never use the designs without your permission.


9. Extra watches

  • You’re welcome to purchase extra watches in addition to the ones sold in your campaign. The same terms and conditions apply.
    We do urge you to place the additional order before we commence production of the campaign watches.




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